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In Pictures: Korea's anniversary
United States Forces' Korea Commander General Leon Laporte delivers the anniversary's opening speech
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Over a thousand veterans from 19 countries travelled to the Korean border to mark the 50th anniversary of the armistice
South Korean honour guards carry flags of countries that participated in the  war
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They paid honour to the five million people who were killed, injured or went missing between 1950-53
War veterans and their family members attended the National Cemetery in Seoul
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British veterans of the Gloucestershire Regiment commemorated those who died in a key battle at Solma-Ri
British war veteran John Padre, who participated in the Korean War, prays during a visit at the National Cemetery in Seoul
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The ceremony brought back memories of the battlefield and lost friends
A Belgian veteran attends the unveiling ceremony of the Korean War Monument at the War Memorial in Seoul
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Sixteen countries sent troops to fight under the UN flag and more than 84,000 of them died
Two US Veterans in front of the war memorial
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A new war memorial to them was unveiled in the South Korean capital Seoul
North Korean soldiers applaud as they attend a ceremony, a day ahead of the 50th anniversary of Armistice day of the Korean War in Pyongyang, North Korea
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The North Koreans held their own anniversary of what they see as a victory for Communism
Dancers perform during ceremonies held in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang
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But the celebrations hide the growing tensions over the North's alleged nuclear programme


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