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In pictures: Tony Martin
Martin family holiday
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Tony Martin (centre) on a family holiday in North Norfolk.
Tony Martin as a boy
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Martin is reported to be nostalgic about his childhood on the family farm in Norfolk.
Martin sketch
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A sketch of the then-debonair Tony Martin in his mid-20s.
Tony Martin going into court
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Tony Martin going into court during his appeal against his murder conviction for killing Fred Barras.
Bleak House
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Tony Martin insists he will return to remote Bleak House, Emneth Hungate, which was left to him by an uncle.
Dilapidated car
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A 31-year-old Rover 2000 is still parked outside the double garage at Bleak House.
Pet peacock
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Pet peacocks still roam the grounds of Bleak House. One hen has just hatched five young.
Farmhouse from the air
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An aerial view of the farm. Martin's boarded-up house is hidden by trees.
Farmyard from the air
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Teenage burglar Fred Barras died at the farm and his accomplice Brendan Fearon was shot in August 1999.
Inside Bleak House
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The living room at Bleak House shortly after Tony Martin shot the two intruders.
Bleak House staircase
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Martin, worried about burglars, had removed some of the treads in the staircase at the farmhouse.
Brendan Fearon
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Brendan Fearon, who is suing Martin for damages. His early release from a jail sentence for drug dealing has sparked outcry.
Security being installed
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Security lights were put up last week in preparation for Martin's much-heralded return to Bleak House.


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