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Last Updated: Sunday, 27 July, 2003, 07:02 GMT 08:02 UK
In pictures: Cuba marks 50 years of revolution
Old Havana street marked
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'Viva Fidel' is still the message 50 years after he led revolutionaries in their first uprising
Veterans of the revolution in Santiago de Cuba
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But the revolution's leaders are growing old in a much less sympathetic world
Castro speech in Santiago de Cuba
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Fidel Castro's rhetoric was as stinging as ever as he launched a broadside attack on the EU
Castro speech on TV in Cuban home
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But in the face of a declining economy, many are more concerned with conditions at home
Elian Gonzales at the Santiago de Cuba celebrations
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Elian Gonzales, who hit the headlines in a tug-of-love with the US three years ago, was paraded as a symbol of patriotism
Cubans who failed in a bid to escape by sea to the US this week
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Yet for many Cubans, the US is still seen as a better future than Fidel Castro's ailing Socialist state


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