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In pictures: Saddam's sons
Uday Hussein poses for the cameras (image: December 2000)
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Uday was the always older and wilder of the two...
Qusay Hussein listens to a speech by his father (image: May 2001)
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...whilst Qusay was the thinker, and the one tipped for future greatness.
Uday (L) and Qusay flank their father (image: 1992)
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Both remained in favour to the very end of a notoriously fractious regime.
Uday Hussein (image: 1990, during invasion of Kuwait)
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For many, however, it is Uday the media mogul and Iraqi TV star who will be remembered most.
Uday Hussein (image: 1997)
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His flamboyant dress hid a psychotic character infamous for cruelty.
Hussein family portrait circa 1990
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If, as seems likely, the deaths are confirmed, they will have largely put an end to any chance of a Saddam dynasty.

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