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Your ideas to cool the Tube (and win 100k)
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Last week Ken Livingstone offered 100,000 for an idea which would cool the Tube. Here are the best of your ideas.
Open top carriages, Richard Miller
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Richard Miller of London offers a simple idea - open top carriages.
Aled Powell, ice power
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Aled Powell: "Simply re-decorate the stations to make commuters feel like they need their winter woolies in summer."
Andy Glynn, fan
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Andy Glynn: "Print maps on flame retardant paper. Passengers concertina their maps and have a handy fold-up fan."
Ed Shore, cooled seats and hand-rails
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Ed Shore: "Insert coils of pipe in seats, and then put cold water through them. Use the same technique on hand rails."
Giles Hogben, cold water tank
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Giles Hogben: "You have a tank of water for each train. At each station, you pump water out and cold water in."
Harry Sabbers, ice lollies
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Harry Sabbers: "This would be both cheap to produce, requiring only water and flavoured syrup, and would be totally delicious."
John Cusick, freezer.
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John Cusick: "Ice. Make the train a freezer while it makes human popsicles."
Joseph Yiu, light and water
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Joseph Yiu: "Have water curtains. Different coloured lights can be artistic. People will be calmed when trains don't arrive."
Josh Bentley, London Eye.
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Josh Bentley: "Crank up the power on the London Eye, and make it an oversized fan."
Julian Burgess, gondolas
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Julian Burgess: "Replace tired old tracks and trains with canals and gondolas, the slow pace of travel will make it pleasant."
Mark Coates, wintry posters
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Mark Coates: "Put up posters of wintry themes on the walls, snowmen and the like, it's all in the mind you know."
Nigel Wilkinson, heat curtain
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Nigel Wilkinson: "A heat curtain would mean trains would stop cooled air going into the tunnels."
Omri Stephenson, peas
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Omri Stephenson: "This solution could also be a promotional tie-in with a frozen food company. How can it fail?"
Phil Fanning, Thames
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Phil Fanning: "Use the Thames as a cooling medium."
CD - sent to Ken Livingstone
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You sent in more than 2,000 ideas, many much more serious than those we have shown. We have sent them all to Ken Livingstone.


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