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Last Updated: Saturday, 6 September, 2003, 06:52 GMT 07:52 UK
In pictures: Bermuda hurricane
Flooded Bermuda beachfront
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As Hurricane Fabian approached Bermuda, huge waves began to swamp coastal areas
People camped out in Bermuda hotel
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Many people living by the sea were forced to seek refuge at hotels inland
Bermuda shop scene
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Others stocked up on essential supplies and prepared to sit out the storm at home
Satellite image of Hurricane Fabian
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The massive size of the hurricane was clearly apparent in satellite images
Bermuda hurricane street scene
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The storm was pushing winds of 200 kilometres per hour (125 miles per hour) which snapped trees
Bermuda hurricane street scene
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Even the main street was littered with the debris of uprooted roofs
Broken power cables
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Broken power cables flailed in the wind - about 25,000 homes were hit by the resulting outages
Bermuda hurricane damage
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Windows were smashed by the force of the winds
Bermuda man catches rainfall leak
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And the accompanying massive rainfall sent water gushing through ceilings
Bermuda residents sleep in hotel corridor
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There was little the locals who had evacuated could do, other than sleep through it as best they could

Hurricane pummels Bermuda
06 Sep 03  |  Americas

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