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Last Updated: Monday, 21 July, 2003, 19:57 GMT 20:57 UK
In pictures: Monrovia's mortar attack
Terrified people try to shelter behind a wall near the US embassy in Monrovia
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Dozens of people have been killed in a mortar attack that struck terror in the hearts of Monrovians
A boy carrying his young brother flees the mortar attack near the US embassy in Monrovia
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The attack took place as the streets were crowded with people trying to find food and water
A crowd gathers around the bodies of people killed by mortar shells near the US embassy
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Angry residents dumped bodies in front of the US embassy, demanding American intervention
A man carries a placard reading 'Today G Bush kill the Liberian people' near the US embassy
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People do not understand why America is not doing more to come to their help
Residents carry a woman wounded during the mortar attack outside the US embassy
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Dozens were killed in the attack and hundreds wounded
An unidentified journalist ducks for cover in front of US marines
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More than 40 extra US troops were brought in by helicopters to guard the embassy...
Aid workers are evacuated by US marines
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...which then evacuated foreign aid workers and journalists to nearby Sierra Leone
Government soldiers run for cover
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The battle between government forces and rebels is intensifying...
Government soldiers take a break during the fighting
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..although there is time for some government soldiers to take a break

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