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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 September, 2003, 15:07 GMT 16:07 UK
Changing faces of Bullring
The old Bull Ring
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The Bull Ring centre, opened in 1964, was trumpeted as a symbol of modern Birmingham
Rotunda and bulldozed Bull Ring site
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But opinion rapidly changed and the concrete structure was finally pulled down in 2000
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In 1999 Birmingham Alliance began a 500m project to redevelop the newly-named Bullring
Rotunda and Bullring shops
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One of Birmingham's major landmarks, the Rotunda, survived and has been merged with the new development
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And even St Martins Church has received a make-over to spruce up the historic markets area
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But the striking Selfridges store brings a futuristic shape to the city's skyline
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Bullring boasts 146 shops on three levels, linked to 3,000 new car parking spaces
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Debenhams has also taken up residence in the development which is the size of 26 football pitches
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Brightly-coloured glass fronted shops will now welcome shoppers instead of a concrete sprawl

New Bullring but same old problems?
03 Sep 03  |  West Midlands


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