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In pictures: Graffiti artist Banksy
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Underground artist Banksy has launched a rare exhibition, Turf War, with live animals at a secret location in east London.
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Real name Robin Banks, he hails from Bristol and has been described as "Britain's most celebrated graffiti artist".
Banksy cows
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His work can be seen in cities around the world - but on street walls rather than in galleries.
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His image of concentration camp inmates wearing make-up has been controversial - but he says it is based on a real event.
Jamie Oliver with Banksy cow
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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver turned up to the Turf War opening party - although Banks usually tries to remain underground.
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His subversive attitude towards big corporations and authorities have made him a hero for some
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There are no photographs of Banksy's face and he left before the party started because he wants to remain anonymous.
Blur album cover
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Banksy also designed the cover for Blur's latest album, Think Tank.

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