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In pictures: Roma on the road
Wagons on the road
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The traditional, semi-nomadic gypsy way of life has almost died out in Europe, but not completely (Pictures: Bela Szandelszky)
A Roma man leads his horse to pasture
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In the Romanian province of Transylvania, groups of gypsies, or Roma, still set off each spring for new pastures
A man smokes a cigarette
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Some of the men grow long, carefully-groomed beards...
Cooking on an open fire
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... and women still wear coloured headscarves
Wagons on the road - with cars overtaking
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As they go, the gypsies sell plastic buckets, cheap socks made in China, and other bartered goods
Breakfast from an iron pot
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Meals are usually stew, from the cheapest cuts of meat, cooked in a heavy iron pot
Gypsies sleep under the plastic that covers their wagons
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They sleep under the plastic sheeting that covers their wagons
Children playing
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Some say they would never feel free in an apartment block - only on the open road


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