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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 July, 2003, 10:18 GMT 11:18 UK
In pictures: Wild weather
Hastings Beach, UK
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Across the globe the weather is making the headlines, from a mini heat wave in the UK...
Puno, Peru
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...to snow and sub-zero temperatures in Peru, which have left several people dead and others with little food or warmth
Galveston, Texas
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In the US Hurricane Claudette gathered strength in the Gulf of Mexico...
Hurricane Claudette
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...before unleashing its fury on the coast of Texas
Ticino river bed in Bereguardo
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Weeks of drought in Italy have led to the near collapse of the irrigation system in the north...
River Doubs in Switzerland
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...with Switzerland suffering much the same fate...
Lake Geneva
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...though many Swiss are finding ways to cool off
Essen, Germany
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In Germany, temperatures have soared to over 30C...
A child dives into the Tigris river, Iraq
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...which seems quite mild compared with Iraq, where the temperature has reached 45C
Paris, France
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France began the week, as elsewhere, with extreme heat...
A destroyed caravan in southern France
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...but later suffered some of the worst storms in years, that killed at least four people in the south
Floods in Chungarbori, India
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Torrential rain has also triggered floods in India that have left many dead and thousands homeless


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