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In pictures: Bush in Africa
Mr and Mrs Bush watch singers in South Africa
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In South Africa, President Bush and his wife were clearly delighted by a singing group sent to welcome them
Anti-Bush banner in South Africa
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However, some in the country were clearly not so happy to see Mr Bush
President greets Botswana youngsters
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In Botswana youngsters waved the Stars and Stripes as they greeted the American president
President Bush and an elephant
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Later he had the chance to meet some of the country's larger residents at a safari park
The Bush family on safari
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Mr Bush was accompanied by his wife Laura and daughter Barbara
US President George W Bush is welcomed to the presidential palace in Dakar by Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade
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Mr Bush started his tour of Africa in Senegal - a staunch ally of the United States
President Bush and the West African leaders on the steps of the presidential palace
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The presidents of Niger, the Gambia, Benin, Ghana, Cape Verde, Mali and Sierra Leone came to Senegal to meet Mr Bush
President Bush on Goree Island
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Mr Bush visited Goree Island, where slaves were transported to America - sights include the infamous Door Of No Return


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