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Last Updated: Monday, 7 July, 2003, 15:14 GMT 16:14 UK
In pictures: Black Tiger Day
Photo: Sriyantha Walpola
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The Tamil Tiger rebels remember their suicide bombers each year on Black Tiger Day - 5 July. All photos: Sriyantha Walpola
Photo: Sriyantha Walpola
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One of the biggest ceremonies was held at Nelliyady, just outside Jaffna
Photo: Sriyantha Walpola
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Relatives remembered the suicide bombers. The mother of the first to die - Captain Miller on 5 July, 1987 - led the procession
Photo: Sriyantha Walpola
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Flames were lit, including traditional Hindu lamps, in front of large crowds that included senior Tamil Tiger leaders
Photo: Sriyantha Walpola
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A Tamil Tiger leader told the crowds the Black Tigers acted as a shield to their people
Photo: Sriyantha Walpola
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The Tigers say they are committed to peace but are awaiting fresh government plans before ending their boycott of peace talks
Photo: Sriyantha Walpola
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The crowds were told the Black Tigers would not be decommissioned until a peace was sealed
Photo: Sriyantha Walpola
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The Tigers want more power in an interim administration than the government has so far offered

Tamil Tigers mark 'martyr' day
05 Jul 03  |  South Asia


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