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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 May, 2003, 16:01 GMT 17:01 UK
In pictures: Aceh operation takes its toll
Family stands over body of relative killed in fighting between Indonesian troops and rebels
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Aceh's rebels say civilians have been caught up in the military operation
Acehnese civilians bury a victim who was killed as Indonesian troops swept into the province
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Witnesses say at least some of those who died were executed by troops; reports dismissed by Indonesia
Girl cries as homes are searched in a village in Bireun, Aceh
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Troop searches of villages have caused widespread disruption to civilian lives
Indonesian soldiers on an armoured personnel carrier in Lampuku, Aceh province
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Troops have been ordered to "hunt down and exterminate" the separatists
Indonesian soldier runs for cover during gunfight with rebels
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There have been no reported military fatalities, but some injuries
Australian activist is arrested during protest against Aceh offensive at Indonesian presidential palace in Jakarta
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Protesters in Jakarta condemned the operation, calling on the troops to withdraw

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