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Last Updated: Sunday, 18 May, 2003, 23:15 GMT 00:15 UK
In pictures: Casablanca mourns
Mourners carry a bomb victim's coffin
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Across Casablanca people having been getting on with the grim task of burying those killed in Friday's bomb attacks
A Casablanca bomb victim is buried
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41 people were killed in five separate suicide bomb attacks
A Casablanca bomb victim's brother
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This man was understandably distraught as he said goodbye to his brother
A Casablanca bomb victim's sisters
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As were these two sisters of another man killed
Mourners at the funeral of a Casablanca bomb victim
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At one burial mourners became overcome with grief and clung onto the victim's coffin
Morocco's King Mohammed VI greets Casablanca residents
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Morale was briefly lifted when Morocco's King Mohammed VI visited the bomb damaged city
Casablanca residents greet Morocco's King Mohammed VI
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Jewish residents gave him a rapturous welcome
King Mohammed VI (centre) tours bomb site
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The King looked visibly shaken as he toured the sites where the explosions occurred
Casablanca bomb victim
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Meanwhile victims are still being treated in hospital

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