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Seafront plans: In pictures
Aerial map of the Brighton and Hove area
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The new King Alfred site (in red) would counterbalance the Palace Pier in the centre and Brighton marina in the east
Computerised artists' impression of the Gehry plan
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Gehry's buildings are designed to capture the "delirious energy" of the existing architecture
Artists' impression of Gehry's plan for Hove
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Gehry's design is supposed to reflect the hedonistic nature of Brighton and Hove
Computerised vision of the towers seen from Brighton
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Gehry's towers, as seen from Brighton seafront, would be a major landmark
Computerised impression of the Wilkinson Eyre proposal
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Wilkinson Eyre's design is reminiscent of an ocean liner
Aerial impression of the Wilkinson Eyre proposal
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Wilkinson Eyre's design, from the air, is supposed to look like a folded ribbon
Aerial view of the plans for the Wilkinson Eyre proposal
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Wilkinson Eyre say their proposal takes into account existing sightlines



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