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Last Updated: Friday, 2 May, 2003, 14:26 GMT 15:26 UK
In pictures: Turkey earthquake
Soldiers try to stop protesters during a demonstration by Bingol residents
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Long-standing tensions between local Kurds and police erupted into clashes over the effectiveness of the relief effort
Riot in Bingol
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Protestors in the city of Bingol vented their anger at Fevzi Berdibek, a parliamentarian overseeing the rescue work
Rescuers carry Enes Gunce, 12, a student who was trapped in the school dormitory in the village of Celtiksuyu
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On Friday, more children were found alive under the ruins of a collapsed school dormitory near Bingol...
A Turkish woman crying for her child who is among the ruins of the collapsed school is comforted by a friend
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... but about 50 students have already been found dead, and many more are still missing
Ali Aras lost his five grandsons when the dormitory collapsed
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The children in the dormitory were mostly the sons of poor Kurdish farmers
Exhausted Turkish soldiers rest in front of the ruins of the school
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A heavy digger has been brought in to help exhausted rescuers at the dormitory
Crews work to rescue a man from under the debris, in Bingol, Turkey.
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Dozens of people are still trapped under rubble
A family member comforts a mother whose son is trapped under the debris of the collapsed school dormitory
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Many residents do not know whether their loved ones are still alive
A rescue worker at the collapsed school
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Rescuers are using sniffer dogs in their search for survivors


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