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In pictures: Venice Biennale
Patricia Piccinini's sculptures
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Patricia Piccinini's sculptures are representing Australia at the 50th Biennale, until 2 November.
Swiss artist Franz Gertsch's representation of Patti Smitth
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Swiss artist Franz Gertsch entered his representation of Patti Smith at the show, famous for being cutting edge.
 called Antispective
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The work of Danish artist Olafur Eliassons illustrates the range of different art forms on show at venues across Venice.
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The Biennale prides itself in challenging the expectations of visitors.
The Brazilian entry from Rivane Neuenschwande
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The Brazilian entry from Rivane Neuenschwande is a totally interactive experience.
 Danish artist Jeppe Hein's fountain art
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Danish artist Jeppe Hein has designed a work to refresh visitors arriving in Venice at the train station.
 Israeli artist Michal Rovner's work
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Film work is a popular medium for Israeli Michal Rovnermany and other artists at this year's Biennale.
Egyptian bust of Nefertiti by Little Warsaw
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Hungarian collective Little Warsaw also entered a work on film inspired by ancient Egypt's Nefertiti.

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