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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 April, 2003, 11:47 GMT 12:47 UK
In pictures: Clashes in Falluja
US soldier on guard in Falluja
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American troops are on the alert in Falluja after Iraqi protests ended twice in bloodshed this week.
US soldiers on guard in Falluja
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Paratroops have been deployed in the town, once a bastion of Saddam's ruling party.
Falluja protesters confront US guard
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Rallies against troops taking over a primary school have turned into demonstrations against the shooting of protesters.
Bloodstain near Falluja primary school
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At least 13 people died in Monday's clash, and two more deaths were reported on Wednesday.
Wounded boy in Falluja hospital
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Iraqi sources say some 75 people were wounded in Monday's clash.
US soldier atop Falluja primary school
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The Americans sought to ease the tension by withdrawing from the primary school.
US troops inside Falluja primary school
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But there is little welcome in Falluja for the Americans, where people celebrated Saddam's birthday on Monday.


A boy carries a portrait of Ayatollah Hakim who has returned to Iraq from exile Cleric's return
Thousands of Shias greet return of their spiritual leader on 10 May



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