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In pictures: GCHQ's new HQ
The 'doughnut' - the new home of GCHQ in Cheltenham
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The Government Communications Headquarters, alias GCHQ, home of Britain's intelligence-gathering operations is on the move.
The old home of GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
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The spies and boffins are bidding farewell to their offices in more than 50 small buildings across Cheltenham...
The 'doughnut' - the new home of GCHQ in Cheltenham
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...and moving into the "doughnut" - a new 337m complex in the Gloucestershire town.
The 'doughnut' - the new home of GCHQ in Cheltenham
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The new building, designed by British architect Chris Johnson, has taken three years to build and will house 4,500 staff.
A corridor inside the 'doughnut' - the new home of GCHQ in Cheltenham
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Its open-plan design is aimed at improving communication between workers in the notoriously secretive government department.
A corridor inside the
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A glass-covered "road" around the middle of the building brings in light and will house shops, cafes and even a hairdresser.
The garden in the centre of the 'doughnut' - the new home of GCHQ in Cheltenham
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And in the "hole" in the centre of the ring-shaped building, a landscaped garden will give staff a place to take breaks.

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