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In Pictures: Paintings from Tuscany
Portrait by Bryan Organ, who wrote the foreword for the book
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Artist Douglas Smith describes some paintings from his book about Tuscany.
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"I can understand why the mayor has appealed to his friends including Tony Blair to save this beautiful town (San Gimignano)."
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"It is unforgettable to stumble upon a picturesque group of umbrella pines on the coast of Tuscany."
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"To wake early and see the buildings (of San Gallgano) emerging out of the morning mist is pure magic."
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"The enormous fan shaped Piazza del Campo in the centre of Siena."
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"It is difficult not to retain the vision of translucent red poppies associated with Tuscany."
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"Brunelleschi designed the exquisite Pazzi Chapel in 1430."
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"How aptly named the 'Field of Miracles' that describes this wonderful collection of buildings on Campo dei Miracoli in Pisa."

Tuscan touch in the Midlands
12 Jun 03  |  Leicestershire

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