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In pictures: Turner's treasures
Detail from Harlech Castle, circa 1834
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This privately-owned watercolour of Harlech Castle has not been seen by the public at large since the late 19th century
Detail from Interior of Fountains Abbey, circa 1815
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Turner produced many views of England's ruins, such as this Yorkshire abbey, pictured from another private collection
Detail from Chalfont House from the South West, circa 1800
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One of many commissions he received for country house views, this study of Chalfont House came to light last year
Detail from The Dark Rigi, 1842.
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A meditation on colour and light in the Swiss Alps, The Dark Rigi is another privately-owned watercolour
Detail from Landscape, with Woman with Tambourine, circa 1845
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On display at a museum in Japan, this atmospheric later work is inspired by 17th century French artist Claude
Detail from St John's Church, Margate, circa 1784
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An early view of Margate, Kent, where Turner often later stayed, inspired by the changing moods of the sea
Detail from Conservatory, with Memorial Window, Farnley, circa 1818
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From a series of views of Farnley Hall, painted for owner Walter Fawkes, patron and friend of the artist

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