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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 June, 2003, 09:37 GMT 10:37 UK
In pictures: Three Gorges waters rise
An aerial photograph of the dam project
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Water levels on the Yangtze River have been rising since the sluice gates of the Three Gorges Dam closed on 1 June
Ancient inscriptions on a wall at Kuimen, in Qutang Gorge
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Natural and cultural heritage sites, villages, towns and even cities are gradually being submerged
A woman carries a baby through the rubble of the demolished old town of Fengjie
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More than 600,000 people have been forcibly relocated
Workers build a stone embankment as water from the Yangtze River rises up the shoreline at the newly built town of Fengjie
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The old town of Fengjie was completely evacuated to a new site, which has yet to be completely finished
A worker demolishes a lighthouse before it is submerged by the rising waters
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Buildings in the old town are being demolished to prevent hazards to shipping
A woman picks immature sweet potato plants before water in the Yangtze inundate her corn field
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Locals are trying to save as much of this year's harvest as possible
Villagers row past a corn field inundated by rising waters
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But for some, it is already too late
The Jiuwanxi River, one branch of the Yangtze River, in central China's Hubei Province
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China hopes the dam will stop the catastrophic flooding of the Yangtze, as well as providing much needed electricity
A traditional-style building is partially submerged
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But critics warn of environmental disaster, as well as the loss of more than 30 important cultural sites

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