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In pictures: The Winslet and Mendes affair
Mendes and Winslet
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Newly-weds film director Sam Mendes and actress Kate Winslet started going out together in 2001
Winslet and Mendes at the 2002 Oscars.
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The couple turned heads at the 2002 Oscars ceremony
Kate Winslet and Jim Threapleton  in 1999
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Winslet had wed Jim Threapleton in 1998, but the marriage only lasted three years
Winslet and Threapleton
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The couple had seemed blissfully happy, but her stressful career was blamed by some for the split
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Winslet was distraught in September 2001 when she faced the press to make a statement on her separation
Winslet and baby Mia
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Winslet's baby Mia, her daughter with Threapleton, was at her wedding to Mendes


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