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Last Updated: Monday, 9 June, 2003, 09:06 GMT 10:06 UK
Week in pictures: 31 May - 6 June
Peter and Paul fortress during the celebrations
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The Russian city of St Petersburg celebrates 300 years since Peter the Great decreed its existence
Queen and other members of the royal family
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The Queen attended a special service at Westminster Abbey to mark the 50th anniversary of her coronation
Tony Blair
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A desire to forge new links between the world's richest and poorest nations has emerged from the G8 summit, says Tony Blair
Clashes outside the G8 meeting
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While world leaders continue to build bridges inside the G8 police and anti-globalisation protesters clash outside
A man watches as rubbish from flooded villages surfaces on the Yangtze river
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China's massive Three Gorges Dam is soon to be the world's largest hydroelectric plant
People gather at a huge well in Natwarghad in the western Indian state of Gujarat
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People gather at a huge well in Natwarghad, India, which is suffering its worst drought in a decade
Hijran Saad, a mentally ill child, is watched over by her 18 year old uncle on the streets of Baghdad
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Hijran Saad, a mentally ill child, is watched over by her 18 year old uncle who, like many Iraqi's, still carries a gun
John Prescott enters Downing Street
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John Prescott is in trouble with the newspapers again - after making a " V-sign" from behind his back at waiting reporters

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