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In pictures: Baby boom at zoo
In pictures: Baby boom at zoo
Tuppence the chimp with baby Jessie
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New baby chimp and mother bask in the sunshine
Jessie the chimp
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Baby Jessie now has two new cousins, Jasper and Euro
Jessie playing in a tyre
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The chimps' enclosure was created in 1990
Chimps climbing
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The zoo is set in 37 acres of land in woodland above Colwyn Bay
Chimps above Colwyn Bay
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The chimps enjoy spectacular views over the bay
Nattie the goat and mother
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One of the newest arrivals is Nattie, a week old Welsh Mountain Goat
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Natty is now reunited with her mother after being initially rejected by her
Young Marmoset monkeys
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Beep and Toot, the Marmoset twins are among the bumper crop of new arrivals
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Macaws provide colour at the zoo
Keeper Clare Ellis giving water to Bactrian Camels
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Pleasing the crowds is thirsty work
Jake the gibbon
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Even gibbons get tired of hanging around sometimes ...

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