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In Pictures: China's dam project
The closed sluice gates
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After 10 years of construction, the sluice gates of China's massive Three Gorges dam have finally been closed
Water flows through holes at the bottom of the Three Gorges dam
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The reservoir behind the dam can now start filling up with water, to create the world's largest hydroelectric project
A worker puts the final touches on a sluice gate
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The project, which will create a lake 600 km (375 miles) long, is surrounded by controversy
An aerial photograph of the dam project
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China hopes the dam will stop the catastrophic flooding of the Yangtze river, as well as providing much needed electricity
A family return to scavenge whatever they can from the ruins of their home in Fengjie
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But more than 600,000 people have already been forced to leave their towns and villages to make way for the reservoir
Locals have a final look at their home towns at the Three Gorges project
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Some went back on Sunday to say a last goodbye before their former homes were submerged in water
Workers check the level markers as the sluice gates close
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Critics also say the $25bn project will cause huge environmental damage
A tourist boat in a scenic part of the Three Gorges area
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And for the many people who make their living on the river, the dam will force them to look for a new livelihood

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