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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 June, 2003, 17:41 GMT 18:41 UK
In pictures: G8 clashes
Anti-globalisation protesters gather in Geneva
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Protesters set off for Evian from nearby Annemasse and also from just across the border in Geneva.
Police fire tear gas at protesters at Annemasse
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They were met by tear gas and rubber pellets as police maintained a cordon around the summit venue.
An injured demonstrator in Saint Cergues near Annemasse
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Some were injured in the violent clashes
Burning barricade in Lausanne
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Elsewhere, protesters attempted to prevent delegates travelling to the summit by erecting burning barricades....
Protesters on Mont Blanc Bridge, Geneva
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... and blocking key bridges
Barricade and burning bin in Lausanne
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Some of the worst violence occurred in the Swiss city of Lausanne
Youths smash windows at a petrol station in Geneva
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In Geneva, dozens of youths in black hoods smashed a petrol station
Anarchy symbol being spray-painted on a wall
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Anarchists were blamed for much of the violence

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