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In pictures: Saddam Hussein's yacht
Saddam Hussein's private yacht, a bombed out shell in Basra's main dock
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The once gleaming Al Mansur yacht is now a sorry sight on the Shatt al-Arab waterway in Basra
Photo courtesy The Times. The stern of the yacht is mangled
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The multi-million dollar craft was bombed 16 times in coalition air strikes, say locals
Photo courtesy The Times. Scorched helipad
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The teak helipad is pockmarked, scorched and covered in shards of twisted metal
The twisted stern of the yacht
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The yacht was a gift from the Saudi royal family to thank Saddam Hussein for fighting Iran
Photo courtesy The Times. A man looks inside the Al Mansur
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Inside, little remains of its former splendour
Chairs and a table-tennis table lie in a heap
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The ship was fitted out with an operating theatre - and even a table-tennis table
Mangled interior of the yacht
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But looters will have little to salvage from the twisted hulk
Profile of the yacht
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Dockworkers say the yacht resembled "a beautiful big white bird" when it first sailed


A boy carries a portrait of Ayatollah Hakim who has returned to Iraq from exile Cleric's return
Thousands of Shias greet return of their spiritual leader on 10 May




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