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In pictures: Inside the Saatchi Gallery
Duane Hanson's Woman and Child in Stroller from 1985
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Duane Hanson's Woman and Child in Stroller is among works to greet visitors to London's Saatchi Gallery from 17 April.
Tracey Emin's My Bed from 1998
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Tracey Emin's My Bed, complete with soiled sheets and condoms, caused controversy when shortlisted for the 1999 Turner Prize.
David Falconer's Vermin Death Star 2000-2002
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The title of Dave Falconer's Vermin Death Star is a clue that this oddly-shaped work is crawling with rodent activity.
Ron Mueck's Mask from 1997
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Ron Mueck's huge Mask is one of a number of his works in the gallery and is detailed down to eyelashes and nose hair.
Damien Hirst's Spot Mini from 2002
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Turner Prize-winner Damien Hirst's Spot Mini sits precariously on the grand stairs that lead to the hub of the gallery.
Tracey Emin's print I've Got It All from 2000
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Tracey Emin offers a bold rebuttal to her critics as she pictures herself awash with money in I've Got It All .
Marcus Harvey's Myra from 1995
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Marcus Harvey's portrait of serial killer Myra Hindley caused outrage when shown in Saatchi's Sensation exhibition.
Damien Hirst's Beautiful, Cheap, Shitty, Too Easy from 1997
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Damien Hirst's rotating wheel is one of several of his works making up the gallery's inaugral retrospective of a major artist.
Damien Hirst's Horror At Home from 1995
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Smokers beware: Damien Hirst's Horror At Home is a giant ashtray filled with the butts of thousands of real cigarettes.
Contemplating A Self-portrait (As A Pharmacist) from 1998
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Damien Hirst takes up his recurring theme of pharmacy in this detailed, sectioned glass case.
Tom Hunter's print Woman Reading Possession Order from 1998
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Tom Hunter's Woman Reading Possession Order is from a series of pictures of London squatters and borrowed from a Vermeer work.
Damien Hirst's Away From the Flock from 1994
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Damien Hirst's Away From the Flock is one of a series of controversial works using animal carcasses in formaldehyde.
Peter Davies' The Hip One Hundred from 1998
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Peter Davies makes known his artistic heroes in his colourful painting The Hip One Hundred.
Damien Hirst's This Little Piggy Went To Market, This Little Piggy Stayed At Home from 1996
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One half of Damien Hirst's split pig in formaldehyde moves back and forth in a mock representation of life and freedom.
Gavin Turk's sculpture Nomad from 2003
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Gavin Turk's lifelike Nomad is at first glance a homeless person and only lack of movement suggests otherwise.


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