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Last Updated:  Sunday, 6 April, 2003, 19:21 GMT 20:21 UK
In pictures: 'Friendly fire' tragedy
Incinerated vehicle
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The incident occurred in northern Iraq, when a US plane mistakenly targeted a convoy of American and Kurdish soldiers.
The BBC's world affairs editor John Simpson at the scene of the incident
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The BBC's John Simpson - who was in the convoy - said he saw a bomb as it fell to earth.
The BBC's world affairs editor John Simpson at the scene of the incident
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He said the bomb landed just metres away from him, and he was injured by flying shrapnel.
Scene of the incident
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A BBC's cameraman also received minor injuries, but continued to film with his blood dripping on the lens.
A pool of blood surrounds two blown-up vehicles
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A Kurdish official said that at least 18 people were killed, including a translator for the BBC, and more than 40 injured.
Completely destroyed vehicle
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Witnesses said shrapnel was flying about the area and ammunition exploding.
Scene of the incident
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The reporters' vehicles were destroyed.
A tank with 'Roughneck' spray-painted on the side lies by the side of the road
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The air strike had been called in by a US special forces commander to attack an Iraqi tank nearby.
Kurdish special forces commander Waji Barzani, who was seriously injured in the incident
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Among the critically injured was Kurdish special forces commander Waji Barzani.
Kurdish fighters gather outside a hospital in the main Kurdish-controlled town of Irbil
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Anxious Kurdish fighters gathered outside a hospital in the town of Irbil for news on Barzani and others injured.


A boy carries a portrait of Ayatollah Hakim who has returned to Iraq from exile Cleric's return
Thousands of Shias greet return of their spiritual leader on 10 May



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