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Last Updated:  Sunday, 30 March, 2003, 11:26 GMT 12:26 UK
In pictures: Anti-war protests mount
Protestors in Indonesia
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Indonesia's demonstrations have been the biggest yet
Anti-war demonstrators in Seoul, South Korea
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Thousands took part in a demonstration organised by labour unions in Seoul, South Korea
Protestors in China
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China held its first officially sanctioned protest against the war with Iraq in Beijing on Sunday
Demonstrators in Genoa
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Demonstrators in Genoa lay down on busy streets to simulate Iraqi civilians killed in two market place attacks
Demonstrators in Yemen
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Yemeni women took to the streets of the capital Sanaa; about 50 Yemeni women have volunteered to go to Iraq as human shields
A peace activist paints 'no war' on the wall of the Camp Ederle US military base in Vicenza, northern Italy
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Anti-war protests took place outside the US military base at Vicenza, northern Italy
Japanese students protesting against the war
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Japanese students protested in Tokyo's fashionable Shibuya district


A boy carries a portrait of Ayatollah Hakim who has returned to Iraq from exile Cleric's return
Thousands of Shias greet return of their spiritual leader on 10 May




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