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Last Updated:  Sunday, 30 March, 2003, 04:34 GMT 05:34 UK
In pictures: The waiting war
Nancy Rodriguez of Michigan, mother of 21-year-old soldier Joshua Rodriguez
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Anxious families of US soldiers in Iraq have attended public rallies to show their support.
US soldier Lucas Edwards smells the perfume off a letter from his wife Stephanie
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In the desert, exhausted American soldiers nervously await the expected order to move on Baghdad.
Pilots of the US 217 Cavalry's Kiowa Warrior helicopters receive mission briefing
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Air support is constantly monitoring the terrain for signs of the enemy as surprise attacks multiply.
Baghdad cemetery
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In Baghdad, Iraqis are burying their dead after an explosion devastated a city market, killing scores.
Baath Party members display bomb
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The Iraqi Government, its offices battered by air strikes, has been defiantly displaying an unexploded bomb.
Baghdad child posing for cameras with his father's gun and helmet
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Iraq is using all means to convey the message that it will fight on.
Mother weeps for 22-year-old Mohammed Jaber Hassan, killed in the market blast
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Every day brings new violent deaths and many fear the worst still lies ahead.


A boy carries a portrait of Ayatollah Hakim who has returned to Iraq from exile Cleric's return
Thousands of Shias greet return of their spiritual leader on 10 May




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