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Last Updated:  Friday, 28 March, 2003, 16:29 GMT
In pictures: West Pier fire
West Pier fire
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The pier caught fire about 1000 GMT
West Pier fire
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Smoke pours from the top of the structure
West Pier fire
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Flames behind the "West Pier" sign
West Pier fire
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Fire tears through the pier
Smoke pours from the pier
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Huge clouds of smoke gush from the pier
Part of the pier collapses
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A tower on the corner of the structure collapses
West Pier fire
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Smoke and flames emerge from the pier's roof
Crowds watch the fire
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Crowds gather on the seafront to watch the fire
Firefighters by the pier
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Firefighters were hampered by the distance from the shore
The damaged pier from above
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An aerial view of the burnt out pier
The pier from the air
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An aerial view shows the plumes of smoke
The burnt-out pier
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The smoky, burnt-out shell of the pier

Crews damp down pier fire
28 Mar 03 |  England

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