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Saddam Hussein in pictures
Saddam Hussein as a boy
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Saddam Hussein grew up in a village near Tikrit in the north of Iraq where he soon joined the Baath Party.
Saddam Hussein in disguise
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Following his involvement in an unsuccessful plot to assassinate Brigadier Abdel Karim Qasim, Saddam Hussein fled Iraq.
Saddam Hussein and his wife Sagida
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On his return to Baghdad with his wife in 1963, he was arrested for his involvement in a coup staged by the Baath Party.
Saddam Hussein addresses the crowd after the hanging of 14 Iraqis sentenced to death on charges of spying for Israel.
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After escaping jail, he was key in bringing the Baath Party to power. Here, he speaks after 14 Iraqis were hanged for spying.
Indian PM Indira Gandhi and Saddam Hussein
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By 1975 Saddam Hussein was vice-president of Iraq, and is seen here with Indian PM Indira Gandhi.
Saddam Hussein
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In 1979, Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq and within days had executed many of his rivals.
Saddam Hussein with his troops in 1981
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After the 1979 Iranian Islamic revolution, Iran-Iraq ties declined, and war began. Here, Saddam Hussein visits the war zone.
UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar shakes hands with Saddam Hussein in September 1987
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The UN secretary general meets the Iraqi leader. Despite UN attempts to resolve the war, it claimed nearly a million lives.
Saddam Hussein in Baghdad during the Gulf War
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In 1990 he led his troops into Kuwait. The resulting "Mother of All Battles" left Iraq and the Gulf region in ruins.
Saddam Hussein and his senior officials
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In 2003, after 10 years of sanctions and stop-start weapons inspections by the UN, the US decided to remove Saddam's regime from power
Saddam Hussein makes a statement on TV after US bombs fall on Baghdad
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On the first night of military action, Saddam narrowly escaped a targeted air strike designed to kill him
Saddam Hussein undergoes oral examination
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He disappeared after American forces entered Baghdad and was not seen by the world until 14 December, when dramatic pictures of the aftermath of his capture were broadcast


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