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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 12 March, 2003, 13:03 GMT
In pictures: US Moab bomb test
Technicians prepare the Moab bomb for testing
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The test was the first time the Moab bomb, the most powerful in the US arsenal, was tested with live ammunition
Moab bomb
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Moab stands for Massive Ordnance Air Burst, but unofficially the bomb is called the Mother Of All Bombs
Moab bomb is dropped from transport plane
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The bomb was dropped out of a C-130 transport plane and parachuted to Earth guided by satellite signals
Moab bomb explosion
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On impact it exploded in a huge fireball
Moab bomb fireball
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The bomb produced a fine flammable mist which created an inferno over a wide area
Moab bomb mushroom cloud
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The force of the explosion, likened to a small nuclear bomb, sent a mushroom cloud into the sky
Moab mushroom cloud over Florida houses
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The cloud was clearly visible several kilometres away

Bomb name makes town unhappy
28 Feb 03 |  Americas

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