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Last Updated:  Saturday, 8 March, 2003, 22:33 GMT
In pictures: International Women's Day
March in Jakarta, Indonesia
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Across the world, Women's Day was marked with rallies to demand gender equality and voice opposition to a war in Iraq
Dolly Akter, 16, victim of an acid attack, at Dhaka rally
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Led by victims of acid attacks, Bangladeshi women bemoaned the lack of progress on women's rights
Doll exhibition at Speakers' Corner in Singapore
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In Singapore, 200 dolls with labels such as "mother", "prostitute" or "maid" were exhibited to highlight discrimination
International Women's Day in Taipei
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While in Taiwan, demonstrators pretended to be Iraqi women on the ground under US bombs
Iraqi demonstrators
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In Iraq itself, women also demonstrated, with the emphasis on support for the regime
Tehran rally
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Women in neighbouring Iran rallied against war but also against Iran's "culture of male domination"
Protest ceremony in Stockholm
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Exiled Iranian singer Shamim had her head shaved in Sweden to highlight discrimination against women in the Middle East
Hugo Chavez celebrating Women's Day
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In Venezuela, leftist leader Hugo Chavez seized on the celebrations for a show of solidarity with women


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