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In pictures: Faith, hope and charity
Adam Faith (centre left) plays guitar on 6-5 Special
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At the tender age of 17, Adam Faith was playing guitar in Jon Pertwee's skiffle band on the BBC pop show 6-5 Special in 1957
Adam Faith sings on his first television series
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By 1962, aged 22, he was one of Britain's top three pop stars, with his own BBC series
Adam Faith holds an impromptu press conference
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In 1963, Faith was questioned on lust, love and sex by a British Medical Association committee investigating teenage morality
Adam Faith and Jackie Irving on the eve of their wedding
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In 1967, Faith married dancer Jackie Irving, with whom he had a daughter, Katya, in 1971
Adam Faith with Anita Dobson
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In 1988, Faith, 48, starred in a West End musical of his classic Seventies TV series, Budgie, with ex- EastEnder Anita Dobson
Adam Faith and Zoe Wannamaker
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By 1991, Faith, 51, was starring alongside Zoe Wannamaker in the BBC television series Love Hurts
Adam Faith presents BBC TV's Working Lunch
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By 1994, Faith had taken up financial journalism and was presenting the BBC's Working Lunch
Adam Faith appears on Esther Rantzen's BBC television afternoon chat show
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In 1995, he appeared on Esther Rantzen's BBC television afternoon chat show
Adam Faith with Jan Monroe and heart patient Danielle Stephenson
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In 1996, Faith, 56, launched a campaign to raise 1.5m for research into heart and lung disease with pop singer Jan Monroe
Adam Faith presents BBC One programme Heart
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Following open heart surgery, in 1998 Faith presented a show about the causes, treatment and prevention of heart disease
Adam Faith as Jack Squire
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In 2002, Faith starred as Jack Squire in BBC television sitcom The House That Jack Built

The BBC's Razia Iqbal
"He was in no doubt of the joy of entertaining"

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