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Last Updated:  Thursday, 27 February, 2003, 20:31 GMT
Relief for China's quake victims
An injured elderly Muslim woman is assisted by relief workers to first aid tents
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First aid tents have been set up for the thousands of injured
An Indigenous Muslim man carries another on his back to aid tents
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Survivors are turning to each other for help
Chinese Muslim children chew on bread near collapsed portions of buildings in Qiongkuerqiake
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Emergency food supplies have now reached the area
Schoolchildren gather outside a tent which is now their classroom after their school was destroyed
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The daily routine is slowly returning - these children now go to school in a tent
Two schoolchildren lay out their books, in a makeshift classroom, outside their school which was destroyed
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Some are having to take their lessons outside
A Chinese Muslim child assists another with his shoe as a funeral procession marches past in Qiongkuerqiake village
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Funeral processions continue for those who died
Chinese Muslim sheep herders tend to their sheep
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But survivors have to continue life as best they can
A Chinese man washes up near his makeshift bed
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For many, the extent of the damage is hard to comprehend
Muslim woman in Qiongkuerqiake
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Many families are having to sleep in the open after thousands of houses were destroyed


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