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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 26 February, 2003, 10:42 GMT
China's earthquake survivors
Muslim woman in Qiongkuerqiake
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Many families are having to sleep in the open after thousands of houses were destroyed
Muslims clear their belongings from part of a collapsed building
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Others are forced to dig through the rubble to recover lost possessions
People left homeless by the earthquake
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Food is being cooked on the streets in some villages
Funeral in Qiongkuerqiake village
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For the less fortunate, the task of burying the dead continues
Chinese Muslim cook prepares mutton rice for breakfast, in Qiongkuerqiake
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Lives are being disrupted by aftershocks
A Chinese man washes up near his makeshift bed
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For many, the extent of the damage is hard to comprehend
Chinese men and flag in Qiongkuerqiake
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While others try and put a brave face on relief efforts
PLA soldiers moving bricks
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Official media has highlighted the army's role in emergency work
Family holding a memorial prayer for a dead relative
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For grieving relatives, it is a time for prayer


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