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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 February, 2003, 15:00 GMT
In pictures: Pakistan and India's harsh weather
Quetta skyline showing the heavy snowfall in the mountains
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The Pakistani city of Quetta is seeing its first snowfall in ten years.
Quetta local enjoy the snow
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Many locals are rejoicing that an earlier drought may be over.
Children play in the hills around Quetta
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For some children, it is the first snow they have ever seen.
Four-wheel drive vehicles slowly make there way through the Bolan Pass near Quetta
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Only four-wheel drive vehicles can manage the local roads.
Traffic building up on the roads outside Quetta
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Traffic around Quetta is moving slowly with the weather.
In Madhya Pradesh whole villages have been destroyed by the floods
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Madhya Pradesh in India has seen whole villages destroyed in the floods.
A villager in Madhya Pradesh stands by the remains of her home after floods devastated the area
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A woman inspects the remains of her home in Madhya Pradesh.
Villager in parts of Madhya Pradesh see what they can salvage from the floods that destroyed their homes
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Communities in Madhya Pradesh have been left trying to salvage what they can of their homes.
A man prays outside near to Quetta
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For many, their prayers for a solution to a recent drought have been answered.


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