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Life in Iraq

Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 12:48 GMT
A boy plays with his tricycle as an Iraqi soldier watches the flow of cars in Baghdad
On Friday, 7 April, the BBC took an in-depth look at the reality of life in Iraq, almost three years after the fall of Baghdad.

Zeynab, panellist Interactive panel
Iraqis took your questions about politics and daily life

Iraqis' daily lives
Updates all through the day from Iraqis from all walks of life

Waria, manager
"We have guards so I feel safe, but I don't exactly feel free"

Majid Talib Majid, teacher
"Unlike before, there are things for people to aspire to in Iraq"

Tara Rashid Tara, eye doctor
"Most of my friends left Iraq, are dead or afraid to go out"

Coffin-bearers in Kirkuk Yousif, gravedigger
"All of this sorrow has put me off this job"

Elwan Al Elwan Elwan, sculptor
"In Iraq, fear is like an epidemic"

Abdul Mine'm Hasan Mohammed Ali Abdul, foreign worker
"I am closing down my business to go home"


Recruit at Baghdad police academy Risks and rewards
The challenges facing recruits in Iraq's new police force

A man waits with a row of oil cans Facts and figures
Key statistics about daily life in Iraq


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