Volcanic ash cloud
Volcano eruption in Iceland

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The volcano in Iceland is no longer emitting any ash, instead a plume of steam has been observed up to a height of around 10,000 feet.


Volcanic ash cloud stays near Iceland

Volcanic plume
How did the eruption of a sub-glacial volcano in Iceland bring European airspace to a standstill?
Are there ways to fly around or under the cloud?
Stranded BBC journalist waits for a flight home
Satellite images of the volcanic eruption in Iceland
Where was the ash and where did all the planes go?
Disruptions hit almost a third of airline business
Airlines face 'nightmare' after ash delays

The eruption beneath Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier which began on 20 March created an ash cloud that forced temporary airspace closures across northern Europe
After a drop in the volcano's intensity, activity increased again at the start of May, leading to an increase in ash over UK airspace
Departure board Air passenger rights
Advice for passengers whose holiday plans have been disrupted


Perhaps this is nature's way of telling us all to slow down a little.



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