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Masai herdsman on the phone
A host of new mobile phone applications, developed by software designers across Africa, are promising to boost development and business growth.

Mobile marketing in South Africa

Marketing wizards in South Africa are increasingly targeting consumers through their cell phones.


Nomsa Maseko reports

Economic growth in Africa is strong, but it needs to diversify to continue its fight against poverty.
Ghana in West Africa has joined started pumping oil - and it's expected to mean big changes for the country's economy.
Africans eye Chinese enterprise
Ethiopian rural communities fear new leasing policy
Kenya wants to be an outsourcing destination
Foreign firms eye stakes in Sierra Leone business
Europe's fashion for beads boosts Kenyan women
Cocoa pod disease threatens Ivory Coast supplies

Why they are more than a food staple for Nigerians
A Zimbabwean man holds a placard among as a crowd gathers to attend commemoration of Heroes Day at the National Heroes" acre in Harare FROM TODAY >>
Ordered to sell
Black Zimbabweans to control foreign firms
Should Mozambique should switch to cassava bread?
Can Cadbury and Fairtrade help Ghanaian farmers?
The impact of Nigeria's share market upheavals
Africans want to see changes before they pay taxes
Mozambique gambles on trade super highway

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