Pre-Budget report 2009

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Alistair Darling delivering his pre-Budget report
The chancellor raises National Insurance from 2011 and announces a public sector pay cap to tackle the UK's debt.

The chancellor predicts a slight increase in borrowing costs to 178bn this year - up from a previous estimate of 175bn.

Chancellor Alistair Darling announces plans for a one-off tax on bankers' bonuses as part of his pre-Budget report.

Darling's dilemma
A look at the problems facing Chancellor Alistair Darling as he tries to fix the economy
The Budget in which Darling was Darling
How the pre-Budget report will hit your finances
The Budget that barely budged
Your reactions to the chancellor's pre-Budget report
Will biffing bankers and their bonuses also biff Britain?
In video: the pre-Budget report and how it was received

UK debt to soar , as economic forecast is revised down
Bingo duty falls from 22% to 20%
State pension to rise by 2.5% next year
The PBR is an update on the previous Budget and sets scene for the next one
More details on HM Treasury's PBR site


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