The G20 Summit

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G20 map graphic
Explore London's 2009 G20 summit in video, audio, pictures and text.
Robert Peston on how the face of banking will change
Is it the beginning of a new world economic order?
What the G20's $1tn pledge will really cost

How G20 leaders pulled together in a crisis
The First Lady makes an impact in the UK
Test yourself - who'll sit next to Michelle Obama?
How protesters and police are battling online
High hopes for Barack Obama's European trip
How the US president will be protected


Delegates confer with Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald at the 1933 summit History lesson
Why G20 leaders need to avoid the mistakes of 1933

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek addressing MEPs, 25 Mar 09 'Way to hell'
Is extra spending the best way to tackle downturn?

Workers rest under containers on a cargo vessel at Tianjin port, China Funding crisis
More money needed by IMF as crisis spread

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