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Track the route of the Box

BBC News followed a shipping container for a year to tell stories of globalisation and the world economy - see the route of the BBC Box as it travelled the globe.

The Box

The Box being trucked across land
The Box returns after a year trotting around the globe to illustrate how globalisation is affecting all our lives.
The plight of Brazilian migrants in Japan
Life on board one of world's biggest container ships
Trade slows at S America's biggest container port
Goods from The Box arrive in stores around New York
Trains, trucks and boats - readers' images of the Box
The Box unloads Scotch whisky in Shanghai


The Box project has ended after more than a year tracking the container around the globe.
The Box is now on its way to Africa where it will be turned into a soup kitchen
Have you seen the Box? You can send your pictures here or here
The Box's first voyage saw it carry a cargo of whisky from Scotland to China
Amongst overwhelming response , card model designer David Hathaway sent us this PDF so you can build your own Box:
The Box Background to the project
How a shipping container can tell the story of global trade

Thanks for project planning help to Container Shipping Information Service


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