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Skyline of Canary Wharf
Men working in the UK's financial sector receive five times more in bonus payments than women, according to a survey.

Record numbers of uninsured cars, including luxury vehicles such as Porsches, are taken off London roads and crushed.

A report warns of possible fare rises because of a potential 1.7bn shortfall in London's transport budget.

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London firms are becoming more optimistic about their prospects despite the recession, a survey indicates.

Has the economic downturn and credit crunch taken the shine off London's lavish Pride parade and festival?

Job losses fear for London firms
Many of London's businesses expect job losses over the next year, an exclusive BBC London poll reveals.

London business failures 'worst'
New businesses in London are more likely to fail than anywhere else in England, a London Assembly report claims.

London 'lacks qualified workers'
Almost half of of London's firms have problems finding qualified staff despite high unemployment, a new report claims.

Vodafone moves world HQ to London
Vodafone announces it will move its global headquarters from Berkshire to London after nearly 20 years.

Home owners seeking debt advice
A rise in homeowners and wage earners seeking debt advice in the capital is "crowding out" traditional clients, a charity says.

Immigrant amnesty 'worth 3bn'
Amnesty for long-term illegal immigrants in the UK, 71% of whom live in London, could add 3bn to the economy.

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