World Economic Forum 2008
Davos skyline
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Davos valley
Economic turmoil dominates as the world's movers and shakers meet in the Swiss resort of Davos.


Leaving Davos with a boost of inspiration
So that was it: Davos 2008. This year felt different than the past two or three annual meetings of the World Economic Forum. Less glitz and glamour, more 'back to business' - and you can read all about it in...
The French way of partying
Davos is almost over. Most proceedings wound down late on Saturday afternoon, with sessions on many heavy-weight topics like the role of central banks in the current financial crisis (with ECB boss Jean-Claude Trichet on the panel), and an update...
Submerging economies
Today's Davos quote of the day comes courtesy of David Rubenstein, co-founder of private equity giant The Carlyle Group, which manages an investment pool worth $75bn. "We can't really call economies like India or China 'emerging' anymore, and lump them...
Rock: MPs v Darling
France has one, Switzerland too. The UK has a big'un, Germany numbers two or maybe more, and the US has a veritable epidemic of them. As if you didn't know, I am talking about banks that have become chronically sick...
Spare a thought for billionaires
At the World Economic Forum one can usually gauge the popularity of a party by checking how many truly rich and famous people crowd the room early on. I don't mean pre-arranged attendances, like Naomi Campbell's appearance at a party...
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