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Connected Africa

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Page last updated at 15:34 GMT, Monday, 29 November 2010

Is the internet your lifeline, or your nightmare? People across Africa have been sharing their stories with BBC News. Click here to send your own story.

'The beach is now my office since 3G came to Kenya'
'Now our pupils in Burkina Faso can talk to the world'
'The broadband sea cable has doubled speed in Mombasa'

'Google rescued my potato harvest from a mystery pest'
'Youtube is banned in my Cameroon computer lab'
'The undersea cables will not help us in rural Kenya'

'Google helped me evacuate a high profile person'
'Here in Zimbabwe the need for the internet is so great'
'Our patients in Tanzania see doctors worldwide'

'In Namibia we order all our music instruments online'
'In Cape Town we can't play with the rest of the world'
'We believe this is a revolution for computing in Africa'




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